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04:11pm 27/11/2011
Ugh. Spent a four day weekend not with friends, not being productive, but snug on the couch with tissues, tea, and Netflix. I usually have a Chuck-Norris-type-kick-ass immunity system that allows one virus/cold/flu a year in, and karate-chops the rest away. This year having been a bit more trying than most, in that I went through kidney stones, gum surgery, Mug Bug (evil flu that took out me and about 30 of my friends for a good ten days), gum surgery, gum surgery... my system has been recuperating from this, that and the other, and has pretty much told me it needs time to rebuild. Hence, I am sick.

The weekend wasn't a total waste. I doubt I am getting any writing done, but I am catching up, plotting, and have had my mind blown no less that three times in the last 24 hours.

Mindpoof one- The Mindscapes of Alan Moore, writer, shaman. I believe that there is a link between art and magic, between the mystic and the imagined. I think that is why I identify with the bardic tradition of druids. Alan Moore has some really interesting things to say. I've watched this documentary twice; I think it's one of those that will always offer something new.

Mindpoof two- Apparently there is a chance that Aleister Crowley, aka The Beast 666, aka The Wickedest Man on Earth, might be George W. Bush's grandfather. Yes, really. There's several sites that you can go to for info. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread210810/pg1

Given that he has probably done this planet more damage than any single person, save perhaps Hitler ... interesting.

Mindpoof three - Haute Macabre. Ok, maybe not so mindblowing. I just love the clothes.

Pagan recipes for the holidays

Writing progresses, sometimes more smoothly than others. I am letting myself take a few Sundays here and there (such as today) to recharge and seek inspiration and insight rather than forcing the worlds. Ariadne, problem child, is sitting at 90k after some cuts. I have the rough shape, but there are pieces of the puzzle that need to come together. Dawn and LW are sitting, finished, simply because I am really good about putting off trying to sell them. Paler Bones of Midnight is officially cancelled, though I will probably at some point find a new home for it. As the Seas Turn Red is about two thirds done - I'm into the nitpicking phase, which could take weeks, months, or a year, depending on how much time I spend on it.

Work, social life, health ... these things stay in their boxes, and writing has its own. My social life is pretty much, um, metal. My writing is a different world, and work is separate than both.

I am going to Maine for Christmas :)

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